Platinum Luxurious Kojic Glutathione + Collagen Soap

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Platinum Luxurious Kojic Glutathione + Collagen Soap

3 in 1 Whitening Body Soap. Combination of Kojic Acid, Glutathione and Collagen in one powerful product. The newest addition to our Platinum Luxurious Set.

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Platinum Luxurious Kojic Glutathione + Collagen Soap

Platinum Luxurious Kojic Glutathione + Collagen Soap



Kojic Acid Benefits: Kojic’s acid primary use — and benefit — is to lighten visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin.

In addition to skin-lightening effects, kojic acid also contains some antimicrobial properties. It may help fight off several common types of bacterial strains even in small dilutions. This can help treat acne caused by bacteria in the skin. It may also lighten scars from acne that haven’t faded yet.

Kojic acid also has antifungal properties. It’s even added to some antifungal products to increase their effectiveness. It may be useful in treating fungal infections of the skin like yeast infections, candidiasis, and ringworm or athlete’s foot. It may help prevent both bacterial and fungal infections on the body.

Glutathione Benefits: Glutathione helps in reducing skin pigmentation like freckles, age marks, acne spots, pigmented skin. Regular usage of this product will help in reducing hyper pigmentation, and reduce spots from occurring in future. It is designed to clean body well and fight against bacteria.

Collagen Benefits: Restores moisture from the skin to leave the face soft and moisturized. – Gives firmness and elasticity to the skin helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. – Moisturizes intensely eliminating dryness.


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