A&K Publishing is Yumihiro Group of Companies’ main advertiser and promoter. Materials such as magazine content and articles are supplied by our team and forwarded to our office in Japan for printing. To date, we only publish magazines and calendars.

Our goal is to become one of the best beauty, lifestyle, and travel publishers in the global market. We are also utilizing different media platforms such as social media to promote Yumihiro Group of Companies’ products and services. A&K Publishing also aims to provide its readers quality and informative content. We are committed in producing content which will benefit our target market.

A&K was derived from first names of the Miyakawa couple, Aya and Keita, owners of the Yumihiro Group of Companies. We started operations in June 2015, and our first volume was published in November 2015. Our magazines were giveaways for Yumihiro Japan’s loyal customers. The Miyakawa couple believes that the best way to get noticed by the global market is through a well-written magazine. With the release of our magazine’s 8th volume, A&K Publishing offered paid advertisement for our clients and partners.

A&K Publishing aims to expand its audience through strategic partnerships with leading market professionals and networking groups.