Yumihiro Factory Co. Ltd. offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services which include private labelling services, design development and packaging, product formulation, and manufacturing. We take pride in producing high-quality products at lower production costs to suit our client’s budget.

Our factory started out as Yumihiro Factory LLC in 2012 and after relocating to a bigger facility to accommodate our growing number of clients, it was established as Yumihiro Factory Co. Ltd. in 2015. Due to the rising demand for our products, we are planning to build another manufacturing site in the Philippines by 2020. This is also in line with 会長 宮川 彩 – Kaichou Arleen Ramos Miyakawa’s advocacy to provide job opportunities to her fellow Filipinos.

We aim to be one of the leading global manufacturers of food supplements and beauty cosmetics. Yumihiro Factory Co. Ltd. is committed in providing globally-competitive products through the use of state-of-the-art technology and modern production methodologies.