In compliance with the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s “Standards and Criteria for Food and Additives”, issued under the Food Sanitation Act; Yumihiro Japan’s factory and laboratory ensures that all of its products are properly packed and sealed. We ensue that strict standards and control procedures are followed to avoid compromising the health and well-being of our clients. Our products are successful combinations of the best in Japanese technology and natural ingredients, which guarantees the best skincare formulas and effective health supplements.


We offer a variety of health supplements for anti-aging, skin whitening, weight loss, slimming, and overall body care. Our products come in different forms such as soft-gel capsules, tablets, liquids and powder forms. We understand the daily health-related challenges our customers’ face, and that is why we formulated these products to encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle. Using only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, our supplements help our clients have their recommended daily dose of vitamins. With our extensive experience in the health and beauty industry, our supplements were able to meet our clients’ health needs. 


Our cosmetic products are proven to be effective on all skin types – for both men and women. They also include ingredients which help whiten, rejuvenate, and slow down skin aging. We also included active ingredients to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Using proven scientific methods and sophisticated technology, we guarantee that all our products will not have adverse side effects.

To ensure product safety, all our skincare formulas are paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested. We are committed to provide the best and safest cosmetic products on the market.


THEN (2012)


NOW (2019)

Yumihiro Now (Year 2019)

Yumihiro Japan’s story began because of a skin allergy. The company’s owner, Ms. Arleen Ramos Miyakawa-会長 宮川 , suffered from a skin allergy in 2012 and tried different types of treatments. These proved to be unsuccessful and this led to her husband, Mr. Keita Miyakawa, to find the right treatment for her. Since Mr. Miyakawa was a chemist and owns a factory and laboratory, he was able to formulate a treatment for her skin allergy. It was successful and it led to an epiphany: to create a business focused on health, beauty, and treatment. Notably, the name “Yumihiro” was derived from the owners’ three children: Mayumi (the eldest), Hiroshi (second child), and Miyu (the youngest).

With an initial capital of ¥5,000,000, she supplied health and beauty supplements to Japanese companies. It was a successful endeavor and her friend convinced her to establish a call center business in the Philippines. In August of 2012, with an initial capital of Php 4,000,000, she started her call center company which sold a variety of health and beauty supplements. She used different selling platforms, including social media, to sell her products. Ms. Arleen Ramos Miyakawa’s personal advocacy to better the lives of her fellow Filipinos helped Yumihiro Japan flourish as a business.

Thanks to the collective efforts of the management, administrative staff, sales agents and support staff, Yumihiro Group of Companies is set to make its mark in the global market. Today, we are privileged to connect our customers, both Filipinos and foreigners, around the globe with our high-quality products and superb customer service. Our company plans to expand its operations by opening offices worldwide. We look forward to a brighter and more profitable future as we strive to be recognized as one of the best health and beauty companies in the world.

Kaichou Arleen Ramos Miyakawa - 会長 宮川 彩

The Company Chairman



Our Philippine office is located at the ground floor of the West Insula Condominium (Units 103 & 105), 135 West Avenue, Barangay Bungad I, Quezon City. Its 210 square meter floor area was maximized in the first quarter of 2019 to cater to our growing business. A new conference room was built for client meetings, business transactions, and orientation. The old training room was renovated to accommodate our new personnel for product knowledge and orientation. 会長 宮川 -Kaichou Arleen Ramos Miyakawa’s input was essential in improving our Philippine office’s operations.

Our office also takes pride in our training staff. Thanks to their vast experience in customer service, modern training methodologies and technologies, they are great motivators for our sales staff. We have produced the best sales agents which have been sent to our international offices like Japan and Dubai. Their customer-centric training proved to be invaluable in maintaining good relationships with our clients and exceeding their expectations. Our office also boasts of the latest technologies for communications, which assures full support for our agents and staff. To date, we are also upgrading our staffs’ computers to help fast-track transactions to ensure they have access to the data they need.



Our Japan office is located at the second floor of the Arayashiki Building, 1-5-2 Ozakudai, Hamura-shi, Tokyo, Japan.  It serves as the base camp of our top sales agents, from the Philippines, and Yumihiro Japan Co., Ltd.’s employees responsible for processing product deliveries to all of its clients. This office also serves as 会長 宮川 – Kaichou Aya’s main office in Japan.

Future expansion plans include establishing a new office building here in the Philippines. It will house all of Yumihiro Group of Companies, and have bigger and better training facilities for our staff and sales agents.